Smart Food List

Cucumber: Breaks up cholesterol deposits.
Figs: Helps to stabilize blood sugar, which keeps energy levels high.
Fiber: It helps to rid your body of waste and also makes you feel full. Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables and whole-grain cereal. It is not digestible.
Horseradish: It’s sharp and strong, but fights colds because the root contains an antibiotic and vitamin C.
Kale: Contains calcium for building bones plus the same beta carotene found in carrots that helps fight germs.
Milk (low fat): Contains calcium, which helps to build strong teeth and bones.
Banana: Contains potassium and helps to prevent ulcers.
Barley: Lowers cholesterol because it is high in the good fat (HDLs, high-density lipoproteins).
Cheese: Fights cavities because it contains calcium.
Chili peppers: Good for bronchitis, colds, and sinusitis.
Prunes: An excellent natural laxative because of their fiber content.
Yogurt: The live culture in yogurt acidophilus helps the body to fight intestine and yeast infections.
Water: The best liquid to drink because it purifies your bloodstream and cleans your cells and tissues.

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