3 Steps Of Healthy Eating

Experts agree the key to healthy eating is the time-tested advice of balance, variety and moderation. In short, that means eating a wide variety of foods without getting too many calories or too much of any one nutrient. Did you know that you can expand your range of healthy food choices? Learn how to plan ahead to create and maintain a tasty, healthy diet with these 3 healthy eating tips.

1.Fruitify Your Breakfast.width=600 When you wake up,eat fruits first.They are easily digested within thirty minutes.After and hour ,you can eat other foods. Fruits give you more water,more enzymes,more fiber,more nutrients and more energy.

2.Vegify Your Lunch And Dinner.

width=600 Im not asking you to stop eating meat.Make sure your veggies is your main dish.Everything else should be a side dish.For example,start by making chicken thirty percent of your meal,and other seventy percent purely vegetables.

3.Organify Your Foods.

width=600 Many people are suffering from all sorts of sickness today because of the huge amount of processed food that they consumed daily.Remember that if man made it,minimize eating it.

So now that i listed my top 3, Are you ready to make these changes?

Smart Food List

Cucumber: Breaks up cholesterol deposits.
Figs: Helps to stabilize blood sugar, which keeps energy levels high.
Fiber: It helps to rid your body of waste and also makes you feel full. Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables and whole-grain cereal. It is not digestible.
Horseradish: It’s sharp and strong, but fights colds because the root contains an antibiotic and vitamin C.
Kale: Contains calcium for building bones plus the same beta carotene found in carrots that helps fight germs.
Milk (low fat): Contains calcium, which helps to build strong teeth and bones.
Banana: Contains potassium and helps to prevent ulcers.
Barley: Lowers cholesterol because it is high in the good fat (HDLs, high-density lipoproteins).
Cheese: Fights cavities because it contains calcium.
Chili peppers: Good for bronchitis, colds, and sinusitis.
Prunes: An excellent natural laxative because of their fiber content.
Yogurt: The live culture in yogurt acidophilus helps the body to fight intestine and yeast infections.
Water: The best liquid to drink because it purifies your bloodstream and cleans your cells and tissues.