My Pretty Prom Dress

Hello! Ready for the Prom? Want to stand out and yet you don’t want to look too much? Then Check out this quick tips that could help you feel comfortably beautiful.


  • Book up quick! Your make-up, hair, limo, corsage! make a list so you can plan ahead.
  • Bring your undergarments with you to your fittings to make sure everything is perfectly altered.
  • Bring Bobby pins , deodorant and pins. Just for emergency purposes.


  • You can be practical by raiding someone else’s closet! Not your neighbor’s closet alright? just someone who’s close to you duh! 
  • Don’t be afraid to Discount Shop! do some searches online to find sale prom dresses. I personally love TBdress.

Check out my Favorites in their collection. Check out their website to save more.

Stylish Deep V- Neck Backless Floor-Length Evening/Prom Dress

Strapless A-Line Floor-Length Pearls Bridesmaid Dress

A-line Sweetheart Empire Sequins Beading Zipper-Up Prom Dress

Love it! They all look stunningly beautiful!

  • Buy a simple dress and accessorize. If you’re in a tight budget this could be a practical choice.
  • Make your own! Why not? If you have the talent and the time. It will saves you a lot of bucks.

Be yourself. Smile and everything else will follow. Enjoy your night girl! and remember to take a lot of pictures with you.

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The right wedding dress will make a bride feel like a princess and give her that extra boost of confidence that she’ll need on her special day. The wide variety of wedding dresses available means that every bride will be able to find the perfect gown. A bride shouldn’t settle on the very first dress she lays eyes on; rather, she should keep on looking until she finds the perfect dress that was meant for her. So what better way is to start as early as now. Look for affordable wedding gowns at Check them out

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Brides getting married during the heat of the summer often ask whether getting a wedding dress made from satin is the best idea. Satin is not the lightest fabric around; this honor goes to fabrics such as tulle, organza, and chiffon. Due to the fact that satin is often made from synthetic fibers, wedding dresses made from satin can be quite hot. If a bride is getting married indoors or during a cooler time of the year, then this is not an issue, but a bride getting married outside on a hot day may want to consider buying a wedding dress made from a lighter fabric.

It can take a while for a bride to find the perfect wedding dress, which is why brides should start shopping for their gowns early so that they’ll have enough time to find what they’re looking for. Many brides may worry that they are spending a large sum of money on a dress that they’ll only wear once; however, they should keep in mind that a wedding dress can be passed down to daughters and other family members or lent out to friends on a tight budget who are getting married. A bride shouldn’t just buy the first wedding dress that she lays eyes upon but she should take the time to research in order to find the one that she is comfortable with and the best possible price for it.